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  • Uncharted Collection – Drake’s Fortune _CUSA02320_01.00.
    all cheats comes with conditional commands, joker commands.
    to activate the cheat press L3 + Upper R Touch Pad for Dev Menu or L3 + Upper L Touch Pad for Quick Menu ones you let go of the L3 the Menu is no longer acctive but the cheat will if you have selected a cheat from the menu before.
    you can apply the cheat for FPKG eboot.bin without the needs to send any payload or using any apps to activate the cheat if you know how

    To access Dev Menu press L3 + Upper R Touch Pad
    To access Quick Menu press L3 + Upper L Touch Pad
    To close the Menu press the Touch Pad
    To select press X
    To go back press [ ]
    To highlight a cheat press O
    To access Fly Mode hold L1+R1 and press L3
    To go up hold R2
    To go down hold L2
    To exit Fly Mode let go of L1+R1

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