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Bloodborne CUSA00900 US 1.09

Version 1.09
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File Size 2.28 MB
File Type zip
Create Date May 2, 2019
Last Updated May 21, 2019
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Game Name: Bloodborne
Game ID: CUSA00900
Save ID: CUSA00900
Region: US
Version: 1.09

to use this save u need update 1.09
to use this save with different regions (Bloodborne Game of the Year Edition) u need update 1.03
original keystone included if u need it.

low level characters so you can upgrade to your liking

1st Character: lvl 50, new game.
origin: military veteran.
location: lecture building.
50 + hours of game play
new character on a new game few weapons and items to get u going, for those who is up to the challenge.
the old hunters dlc haven't started unbeaten

2nd character: lvl 93, new game+, quality build, PVP, PVE.
origin: violent past
location: mergo's loft middle, area boss (wet nurse) still alive.
final boss: (gehrman the first hunter) still alive.
the old hunters dlc started beaten, all weapons items, npc quests.
dungeons: beaten all lvl
215 hours of game play.

max blood echoes 999999999.
max insight 99
max + all coldblood type 198
max + all stones 699
max + all consumable 699
max + all dungeon items 699
third umbilical cord x3, u get 4th one by beaten (wet nurse) mergo's loft middle area to have different ending.
all weapons
all runs
all blood gems
all chalices
all covenants item
trophies %100

NOTE: please don't copy (sce_sys) folder to your ps4 it will corrupt your save,
i upload it only if someone need it to rebuild FPKG with original keystone.
please share ur save with others
by hejran7


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